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12th failed auto driver becomes IPS officer, must read

We are talking about Manoj Sharma, an IPS from Maharashtra. Despite failing in the 12th, he became an IAS officer on the strength of his hard work. His partner Anurag Pathak has also written a book on him.

12th failed auto driver becomes IPS officer, must read
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Manoj Sharma is an IPS from 2005 batch Maharashtra cadre. He is currently posted as Additional Commissioner of West Region in Mumbai. From childhood, his life was full of struggles. He did not mind at all in studies & in the 9th, 10th, 11th, somehow he passed the third division & failed in the 12th.

But he thought of taking the exam again and thought that he would pass in 12th class by copying. There is a delay in hiding a slip & then you will do a small job of learning typing. But the SDM of the area did not allow the school to target and copy.

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Manoj says that after failing in the 12th, my brother & I used to run auto for daily life hood. Once our auto was caught for some reason, we thought that we could get rid of it by asking SDM. But instead Manoj asked him how did you prepare but did not say that I have failed in 12th.

Manoj had thought that he had to become the SDM. He Prepared with heart. Even the girl he was in love with, could not say his heart because he was afraid that she would reject him for the name of the 12th fail.

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His Sir Vikas Divyakirti gave admission without fee. In the 4th time, Manoj pre-cleared & was to write an essay on tourism number 100 in the Main Examination, wrote an essay on Terrorism. Became IPS in the 4th Attempt and earned his hard work. They proved that if you keep your mind, no work is big.

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Good India in good hand... One is tea seller other one autowala... India doing progressing ....

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but isn't is mandatory to be atleast a graduate to be eligible for upsc exam

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Your English should Rest In Peace

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