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3 smartest kids in history you don't know

Friends, India has always been a country of talent, many intelligent people have been born here, today we are going to tell you about three such intelligent children of history, whom you probably do not know.

Terence Tao

3 smartest kids in history you don't know
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Trance was a very intelligent person from China who had done his PhD at the age of 20 and became a college professor at the age of 24. Terence has also given a theory in mathematics known as Terence's Theory. .

Christopher Hirata

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Christopher is a Gold Medalist at the International Physics Olympiad at the age of 13 and Christopher Hirata has an IQ level of 225, the youngest scientist working at NASA at just 16 years old.

Kim yong un

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He started speaking 16 languages ​​at the age of just 3, his IQ level is around 200. Because of which it is considered the third most intelligent child in the world. Mention source = ndtv.com

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and i am the 4th ..because i always remember my name

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very impressive

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