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4 Most Amazing Trees in the World

Hi there, Trees are around us everywhere but have you ever find such amazing trees which will make you just stunned.

1.This trees are native to Philippines, Indonesia and New Guinea. this tree get the colors on it because of due to the evolving bark of the eucalyptus.

4 Most Amazing Trees in the World
Rainbow Eucalyptus

2. This striking tree shaped like basket which was made by Ernaldson by pruning, grafting and bending branches you can find this tree in the Gilroy Gardens, California.

Third party image reference

3. In the early 1930's farmers manipulated the trees to curve for furniture purposes but prevented from harvesting them. you can see 400 trees of like this at Gryfino, Poland.

Crooked Trees Poland

4. It is the world famous tree which can be seen in Australia. it was once used as a prison where the prisoner can be kept in this tree while en route in sentencing in near by Derby.

Boab Prisoner Tree

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