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5 steps to speed up Wi-Fi Connection Always

Sometimes a Wi-Fi connection may be faster than you expect. There are many ways to adjust the situation.

5 steps to speed up Wi-Fi Connection Always
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Choose good space for your Wi-Fi requirement:

Everywhere the Wi-Fi connection does not work properly. Choose the combination of metals and electromagnetic waves.

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Use strong Antenna :

Use good Antenna for wi-fi connectivity. If you use more than 10 db of crystal antenna, you can connect without any damage.

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U Can Buy Raptor, Booster, Extension,etc.,

You can connect such applications with WI-FI and get a long link in many ways.

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Use Updated technologies:

  IEEE 802. 11 ac, works faster than IEEE 11b, g. You can benefit from connecting to your home and mobile phones.

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Use 5 GHz:

This wireless signal provides fast data rates. If your orientation increases, adjust it to the shortest speed.

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