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Awesome psychological facts you need to know

The language we speak changes how we remember color. If you speak Russian, chances are, you know different blue’s better.

Awesome psychological facts you need to know
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Turns out, men don’t like striking features. On average, men deem the women with the most average features as the most attractive.

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The most effective aphrodisiac? Proximity. When a Taiwanese man wrote over 700 letters to his girlfriend, she ended up marrying the mailman.

Two heads aren’t always better than one, especially if they have similar beliefs. When our beliefs are always confirmed by others, we stop thinking critically.

Sorry to all you all formula babies, on average, they're 6 IQ points lower than our breastfed counterparts.

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Bilinguals have better abilities to focus. Yet another reason for you to get started back up on your foreign language classes.

Want to stump a toddler? Put a mirror in front of them and watch as they try to figure out why this weird person in front of them feels like glass.

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