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Call of Duty: Mobile Got 20 Million Players Within 2 days of Launch: Sensor Tower

Call off Duty: Mobile has got 20 million gamers within first two days of its worldwide debut, And as one would've expected it attract a lot of mobile gamers.

Call of Duty: Mobile Got 20 Million Players Within 2 days of Launch: Sensor Tower
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The game is developed by Tencent Games, acquired 20 million players within just two days of launch, according to Sensor Tower.

Its downloads rivaled those for Nintendo's Mario Kart Tour over its first two days, one of the most successful mobile game launches ever, according to their findings.

Timi Studio vice president, Thomson Ji said that We're committed to developing games to target global markets. Call of Duty is very influential globally and we hope this game can help us reach hundreds of million of mobile gamers overseas.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest and most high-profile games from the studio, being based on the extremely popular PC and console franchise, Call of Duty.

Despite temporary glitch, Call of Duty: mobile lured six times more players upon its opening than the mobile edition of PUBG, another Tencent project, which hit the same markets last year, said Randy Nelson.


Call of Duty: Mobile has released on October 1st for both Android and iOS Platform. According to Tencent estimates, it revamps one of Activision's best-selling franchise for smartphone gamers, a group that now exceeds 2.2 billion in number.

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ohh great... ab pibg se man bhi hat gya

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Nandu Mandal

crosses 200million

1 Months ago


very impressive game

1 Months ago

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