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DU's first cut-off out: 99% highest for Pol Sc (H) at Hindu

Second highest is at 98.75 percent at SRCC for Economics (Hons)

DU's first cut-off out: 99% highest for Pol Sc (H) at Hindu

New Delhi: Delhi University on Thursday announced its first cut-off list for merit based undergraduate courses in the 2019-20 academic year, recording the marginal hike as compared to the previous years. The highest cut-off this year (at the time of writing the report) is at 99 per cent for BA (Hons) in Hindu College. The second highest cut-off this year is at 98.75 percent at SRCC for Economics (Hons) along with various other subjects at other DU colleges. Cut off for LSR also remained at 98.75 percent in BA (Hons) Psychology.

Moreover for admission to BCom. (Hons) course in Shri Ram College of Commerce or SRCC, general category students would need 98.5 percent marks which saw an increase of 0.75 percent from last year. The cut-off has, however, remained the same for admission to BA Economics (Hons), 98.75 percent.

Hansraj College also released its cut-off list with highest cut-off 98.5 percent, BA (Hons.) in Economics i.e. 98.5 percent. For Computer Science (Hons.), Chemistry (Hons.), Physics (Hons.), and Mathematics (Hons.) in the college, students need to have at least 97 percent, 96.33 percent, 97.33 percent, and 96.5 percent respectively. Students applying for Botany (Hons.) will need to have 95.66 percent.

Meanwhile, English (Hons.) and Hindi (Hons.) require candidates to have at least 97.25 percent and 86 percent respectively. Moreover, candidates attempting for BCom (Hons.) in the college will need at least 98.25 percent

In Kirori Mal College, cut-off for popular courses like BA English (Hons), BA Economics (Hons) and BCom (Hons) are above 97 percent. While the numbers for English remained the same as last year's, there is a 0.5 percent increase in Economics cut-off in KMC this year.

The Hindu colleges relased a cut off for the popular courses with BSc Physics (Hons) 98 percent and BA (Engish) with 98 percent, BSc Chemistry (Hons) 97 percent, B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics 97 percent, B.Sc (Hons) Zoology 96.66 percent, B.A (Hons) Economics 98 percent, B.A (Hons) History 96.25.

The cut-off list for Jesus and Mary College was also released, which showed that Psychology (Hons) had the highest cut-off percentage, requiring at least 98 percent from candidates, with compulsorily more than 85 percent in Psychology. For students without Psychology as a subject in 12th Standard, the bar is higher at 99 percent.

Besides, the cut-off list for BCom (Hons) and BCom (Pass) courses came up at 96 percent and 95 percent respectively. Students applying for Economics (Hons.) will need to have 96.25 percent with Economics in best of four and 98.35 percent without Economics. Moreover, Mathematics (Hons) candidates will need at least 95 percent.

Meanwhile, the college requires students to have at least 96.5 percent with Political Science in best of four, if they intend to apply for the BA course in the college. Students without Political Science in their best of four will need 98.5 percent to qualify. Furthermore, BA (Hons) courses in the college for English and Hindi will require a cut-off percentage of 97 percent and 65 percent respectively. However, for both the courses, the applicant needs to have at least 70 percent in Hindi and English as a compulsory subject. Whereas, Sociology (Hons) in Jesus and Mary College will require 96 percent for students with Sociology and 98 percent for students without.

Gargi College also released its cut-off list, with the highest percentage being required by BA (Hons.) in Applied Psychology i.e. 97 percent. The same cut-off is required for Economics (Hons.), Chemistry (Hons.), Physics (Hons.), and Mathematics (Hons.) in the college. Students applying for Zoology (Hons.) will need to have 94.33 percent.

Miranda college has also released its cut-off list, with the highest percentage being required by BA (H) Political Science – 98 percent, BA (H) Economics – 98.25 percent, BA (H) Geography – 98.25 percent, BA (H) Sociology – 96.75 percent, BSc (H) Botany – 96.67 percent, BSc (H) Chemistry – 96.67 percent.

Bhagini Nivedita is one college which is kind to students who have not scored above 90 per cent marks.The highest cut off in Bhagini Nivedita has been set for BSc (Hons) Physics at 90 percent for General category candidates. Cut off for BSc (Hons) Home Science is 85 percent, for BCom. Is 84 percent , for BA (Hons) Political Science, it is 79 percent. Cut off for BSc Physical Science (Chemistry) and BSc Physical Science (Computer Science) is 78 percent. Cut off for BA (Hons) History is 75 percent and for BA (Hons) Hindi and BA Programme is 72 percent.

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