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Dhoni Wants This Big Change In Kashmir.

Dhoni Wants This Big Change In Kashmir.
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It is said that a person is identified by his actions. Man becomes great by deeds.

Today I want to tell you about another greatness of one such player.

Whose name is Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his work is to think about the development of the country. Everyone knows the patriotism of this player.

While Dhoni, under his captaincy, own all 3 trophies to Team India in the same way, Dhoni is now giving his services in Kashmir.

Dhoni is a player who always thinks about development of his country.

Whenever Dhoni gets a chance to serve the nation, he never retreats.

Now once again Dhoni’s thinking of the country’s development has been revealed.

Dhoni is busy training with the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir but a news has come out that he wants to do something for young cricketer of Kashmir.

According to media reports, Dhoni wants to open a cricket academy in Kashmir where he will train young cricketers of Kashmir for free.

According to the information, Dhoni is also going to talk to Sports Ministry about this project.

It is clear from Dhoni’s decision that Dhoni wants to do something for Kashmir. Also tell you that there are talented players in Kashmir.

Parvez Rasool and Manzoor Dar, both are players of IPL. Apart from this, there are more talented players in Kashmir.

In such a situation, if Dhoni opens his cricket academy in Kashmir, then the young players there, can learn the tricks of cricket faster. And the biggest thing is that they will be able to learn sportsmanship like Dhoni.

If the player has the spirit to play with the game and to understand the game on the field, then the player can show his game more well and no one can explain this better than Dhoni.

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