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Gavaskar’s sensational comments over Dhoni

Gavaskar’s sensational comments over Dhoni

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has made it clear that it is time for former captain, Dhoni, to retire from cricket. Before the BCCI ownership will put aside … suggested Dhoni, better to take retirement on his own.

Dhoni said he would not tell anyone what he had in mind. Dhoni is now 38 years old … He is reaching 39 at the time of the T20 World Cup. Against this backdrop, it is suggested that the BCCI should explore an alternative to Dhoni.

Gavaskar said the Indian cricketer Dhoni’s services were unforgettable. If Dhoni is on the ground, he will will be very supportive for any captain … Dhoni’s suggestions benefits the team undoubtedly. But Gavskar said he strongly believed that it is time for retirement. He said he was one of Dhoni’s many fans. Before anyone could ask, he thinks Dhoni to quit cricket. Rishabh Pant, who has replaced Dhoni in the squad, has said that he is doing good.

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