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How many hours did Nehru use to work in a day


How many hours did Nehru use to work in a day
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Jawaharlal Nehru (file photo)

Nehru used to work hard as a prime minister. Mr. Mo Mathai, his personal secretary, has written in detail about how many hours he used to sleep in the day and how much he used to rest. In his book, he also mentioned what Nehru did and what he used to do in his routine.

In his book Reminiscences of the Nehru Edge, Mathai has written that Nehru had already started working in his secretariat on Sunday even before the independence of India in September 1946.

In the book it is written that Nehru used to work tremendously. His night's sleep was so low that we thought that he should rest at least on Sunday so that he would be more energy-efficient in the rest of the week.

Matthi writes that I used to repeat these words to Nehru several times, but he used to do it unheard of. The effect was that many times they had to be as careful as they were afraid of detering their staff, they seemed to be cumbersome. Many times he even got a nap.

This reduced their sleep

Mathai writes that Nehru slept hard for five hours at night When he started coming to the Secretariat on Sunday, his sleep was reduced. First they used to rest on Sundays or on holiday, now they are closed too. Now many times he started taking a nap in the meeting.

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Nehru was in prime ministers with very little gold On that holiday, my secretaries used to come

According to Mathai, he told Nehru that he should sleep someday in the afternoon on Sundays and holidays, it is necessary for him. It was of no avail, because Nehru was very fond of his health.

Nehru's answer was- work never kills anybody

So Mathai now searched another way, he told Nehru, those who are PAs and other staff members, they are all married and children, they should at least one day want to spend time with their family, cinema Go shopping or shopping For them, at least you should stop going to the Secretariat on Sunday and the holiday. I will arrange for you two P.A. or staff at home that day, from which you can do your work there .. And I will be there in the same place.

He writes ahead, even before my words were fulfilled, Nehru said - never do anything to beat the work. My answer was, more work gets tired and you can not afford fatigue. This was understood by Nehru and he began to relax some after lunch on Sundays and Holidays. Later they started taking a half-hour nap after lunch.

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Nehru started at four o'clock in the morning, which lasted till late night

What was generally the routine of Nehru 

If reports and books were to be believed, Jawaharlal Nehru would wake up at four o'clock in the morning. They used to do Yogasana, which included Shirshasan. Then they used to stroll in the lounge of Prime Minister House for some time. His lunch time was usually fixed in the day but night dinner was often late. He was in the sleeping people. He spent more than 16 hours working in the day and spent watching the files.

What kind of drafting used to do

Mathai said in the book, Nehru was considered as the prime minister to write best English prose in Dunia. They used to write five such letters that day, which were really excellent according to prose. They used to dictate it. They used to spend a lot of time in lettering, statements and speech diktat.

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Lady Mountbatin would release the pressure. ....sleep presure. .......

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but presently history has been changed and is known that other then modi no former PM had worked.it is well known after independence there were lots to be done by the then PM but they did not have so many channels to represent themselves as hard worked.nor they had got idea about "mann ki baat"...thappar se darr nahin lagta, mann ki baat se darr lagta...

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it's like pehle kisi ne 70% kaam kar dia tha mmodi ne 10% aur kar dia ffir bola mene 80% kaam kia pehle valo nne kuch nhi kkia tha.

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