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Huawei doesn’t want People to Buy its Products just because its Patriotic

After the US banned Huawei from conducting business with any of its companies, many people in China became patriotic and started buying Huawei devices to support the company. This way, in the past few months, people often slapped a patriotic label on Huawei products. Essentially, it meant if you were patriotic, you would buy Huawei smartphones instead of something foreign such as Apple. However, Huawei’s Chen Lifang, Director and President of the Public Affairs and Communications Department has a different view in this regard.

Huawei doesn’t want People to Buy its Products just because its Patriotic
Patriotic or not, Huawei P30 Pro is one of the best camera phones in the market today!

Chen Lifang says that internally Huawei is quite clear on where it stands. She states that if Huawei doesn’t do a good job with its products, technologies, and services, it’s impossible to survive in the long term by just slapping a patriotic label on the company. So, Huawei doesn’t pay attention to what label people or media slap on them, it just focuses on making good quality products.  

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Back in May, even Huawei’s founder Ren had tried to cool down the growing wave of nationalist sentiment towards the company by saying that the iPhone has a pretty good ecosystem and that he still buys iPhone for his family when they are abroad. 

From these comments, it looks like Huawei doesn’t want users to buy its products just because it’s patriotic. Instead, it wants to keep focusing on making good quality products. Honestly, it makes sense why Huawei would want to stay away from a nationalist label. Despite its Chinese origin, Huawei smartphones are sold worldwide in millions. They need the support of its global users and the only way to ensure this is to make high-quality products at a competitive price tag. 


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