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In Pictures: India's anti-CAA protests turn violent in New Delhi

In Pictures: India's anti-CAA protests turn violent in New Delhi
People supporting the new citizenship law beat a Muslim man during a clash. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters

At least three civilians and a police officer have been killed in violence in the Indian capital, New Delhi, on the day US President Donald Trump kicked off his two-day trip in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state of Gujarat.

Indian police used tear gas and smoke grenades to disperse the crowd as violence broke out.

An official at Delhi’s GTB Hospital said more than 35 people were injured in the clashes.

New Delhi has been a hotbed of protest against the controversial new citizenship law and protesters have been camping out continuously in several parts of the capital for the last two months.

Hundreds of people supporting the new law clashed with those opposing it, with stone-pelting from both sides.

The latest round of violence broke out just as Trump began his maiden visit to India, addressing a mega rally in Gujarat on Monday.

A police officer fires a tear gas canister to disperse crowds during clashes between people supporting the new citizenship law and those opposing it. Akash Jain/Reuters
India's Citizenship Amendment Act, which eases the path for non-Muslims from neighbouring Muslim-majority nations to gain citizenship, has triggered weeks of sometimes violent protests against Modi's government. Sajjad Hussain/AFP
The law is seen by opponents as discriminating against Muslims and has deepened concerns that Modi's administration is undermining India's secular traditions. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters
Modi's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party denies any bias against the country's 180 million Muslims. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters
People supporting the new citizenship law destroy the protest site used by those opposing it. Police on Monday imposed an emergency law prohibiting any gatherings in the violence-hit areas. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters
A woman opposing the new citizenship law is helped by a police officer after she was attacked by people supporting the law. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters
Clashes in the area were triggered on Sunday after a leader of the governing BJP issued an ultimatum to police to remove anti-citizenship sit-ins. Danish Siddiqui/Reuters
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Attack by hindutva terrorists RSS together with Delhi police against the peaceful protestors of CAA .....misleading title.....Delhi is burned down and killed innocents by RSS terrorists with Delhi police helping them from all angles by safeguarding the hindutva terrorists...Delhi police also throwing stones and hurling petrol bombs even firing to the protestors of CAA.....

3 Months ago


missleading title .....this voilence is caused by pro caa supporters

3 Months ago


Rss and Delhi police are responsible

3 Months ago

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