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Indian Railways has to pay money to England in order to run the rail on this track...

Today we are going to tell you some such facts about Indian Railways which knowing you will be difficult to believe. After so many years of independence, why does the Ministry of Railways give money to an England company to run rail in India.

Indian Railways has to pay money to England in order to run the rail on this track...
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Shakuntala Express is a 190 km railway line at Amravati, Maharashtra. Shakuntala Express is a passenger train. This train runs between Yavatmal to Achalpur. Only Shakuntala Express runs on this track. It goes all the way in 5-7 hours.

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In 1951, the Indian Railways was unified. This was not the only route under the Govt of India. The Indian Railways, using this narrow gauge track, pays a royalty of 12 million every year to a UK private company. The 100-year-old 5-compartment train previously operated with steam engines and since 1994, it has been run by diesel engines instead of steam engines. The signals on this rail route still belong to the British era.

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Even today the track is occupied by Britain's Click Nixon Company. It is also solely responsible for its maintenance. The company, established in 1857, is now known as the Central Provinces Railway Company, but despite taking money every year, the British company did not repair it in any way.

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The area of ​​Amravati was famous all over the country for its cotton at that time. It was constructed by the British to transport cotton to Mumbai port. But imagine how this can happen when the railway was nationalized after independence, this route was ignored, why? Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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Guys think of future, we will be paying money to some companies when privatization will be done that too not putting there any money in infrastructure of building new tracks & station of any part of Country

8 Months ago


India is not independent, it never got independence from the British !

8 Months ago


Why? simple half of Indian wan Under british rule.

8 Months ago

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