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Jio breaks silence after criticism at 6p/min & reveals Airtel-Vodafone's truth

Jio breaks silence after criticism at 6p/min & reveals Airtel-Vodafone's truth
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In the battle of Jio and other telecom companies, customers are facing difficulties. Jio has started charging customers for making calls on other networks. After which Jio is getting customer criticisms. After which Jio has broken the silence on this decision.

Truth of airtel-vodafone:

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Jio has taunted Airtel and Vodafone-Idea through a tweet on Twitter. Jio has targeted the 3 companies & said that we are not asking for 6 paise /minute. They are asking. Apart from this, Jio has tweeted separately to the three companies. In which Jio has written about the idea. 6 paise /minute why this idea sir, besides this, Jio wrote that zero idea can change your life.

Jio wrote 6 paise /minute air toll for Airtel, along with Vodafone has also targeted. The mobile termination charge prescribed by TRAI from customers is being charged by Jio at 6 paise /minute. Because no decision on MTC has been taken by TRAI yet. Jio has attributed to Airtel & Vodafone.

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It has been learned that all the three top companies of India are responsible for the additional burden on customers in the name of mobile termination charge. Because in October 2011, TRAI proposed to the 3 top companies to zero the MTC from 1 April 2014. But even after 3 years, the 3 companies did not take any decision. After the launch of Jio in the year 2016, the blind earnings of these companies were curbed. So now companies are charging 35 paise / minute from customers as hidden charge. Simultaneously, there is pressure on TRAI not to take any decision.

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Now customers are getting 1 GB data for less than 5 rupees. In such a situation, it can be said that Jio has provided internet and calling to the customers at the right prices. Do you believe that due to live, today we are able to take advantage of cheap offers. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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