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Jose Mourinho warned Tottenham chief Levy is ’10 times’ worse than Man Utd’s Woodward

New Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho clashed with previous boss Ed Woodward at Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho has been warned he will face more trouble with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy (Image: GETTY)

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is far worse than Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward when it comes to signing players, claims former Chelsea midfielder Craig Burley.

Mourinho fell out with Woodward during his final summer at United after the club failed to bring in the players he wanted in the transfer window.

But Burley says the Portuguese manager will face far bigger obstacles from Levy after being appointed as Mauricio Pochettino’s replacement at Tottenham.

“Eighteen months ago when he was in the US, Jose Mourinho with United for the ICC pre-season tournament, he was walking around like somebody had told him he’d got two weeks to live,” Burley said on ESPN FC.

Craig Burley says Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is Ed Woodward "times 10" (Image: ESPN)

He was miserable because Ed Woodward wasn’t giving him what he wanted - well Daniel Levy is Ed Woodward times 10

Craig Burley on Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho and chairman Daniel Levy

“He was miserable because Ed Woodward wasn’t giving him what he wanted - well Daniel Levy is Ed Woodward times 10.

“Because at least, and I’m not a fan of Ed Woodward, but at least Ed Woodward when somebody said ‘We need to get [Alexis] Sanchez in from Arsenal’ went out and said ‘Okay, here’s £500,000 a week’.

“I mean, it was a crazy decision but at least they opened the pursestrings. Daniel Levy rarely, if ever, does that.”

Meanwhile, Burley cannot understand why striker Harry Kane will want to stay at Tottenham after the departure of Pochettino.

“If I was Harry Kane, and I’m picking him out as the main man, who would probably be on the list of the top five clubs in European football, why the hell would you stay at Tottenham Hotspur?” he added.

“You’ve just lost one of the best managers in the game, no matter about results in the last six months, because there will be other clubs willing to offer him a job - bigger jobs than Tottenham.

“Why would he stay? Why would he stay when he knows [Christian] Eriksen is not happy, [Jan] Vertonghen is not happy, [Toby] Alderweireld, [Danny] Rose, all these players. Why would Harry Kane stay?”

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