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Make Your OOTD Sensational With These 16 Accessories

BLING your A-Game.

Cat-eye sunglasses to exude elegance and hot vibes at the same time - ₹599

Hairbands are *so* in RN. Get this colourful hairband for just ₹299.

If your prefer something subtle, these pearl barettes will do the trick (Pack of 2) - ₹219

Make Your OOTD Sensational With These 16 Accessories

Oxidised silver nose rings to add a bit of panache to your OOTD - ₹259

A set of oxidised silver rings to glam up your look (Pack of 10) - ₹185

A simple way to make dresses and tops look next level is to pair them up with classic black chokers (they work on goth looks too!). Get a set of three chokers for ₹179.

Get this vibrant necklace and earrings set for a more upbeat look - ₹280

Bracelets which you can stack for a nice buoyant and chic look - ₹199

You can even get this set of four bracelets for somewhat of an avant-garde fashion choice - ₹275

Love simple jewellery? We have you covered. Get this classic rose gold bracelet from Daniel Wellington - ₹3,470

If you're into the grunge vibe, this handwoven piece is AWESOME - ₹249

Class up your OOTD with this tourmaline Buddha bracelet - ₹245

A fabulous layered necklace made from gold alloy - ₹199

A fab pair of earrings which you can sport at the next party as well - ₹265

These divine earrings to effortlessly look graceful - ₹255

And these endearing kitty earrings, which all of us should own - ₹499

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