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Netflix is coming soon to OnePlus TV: Here's how to set up, watch ultra HD content and more

The OnePlus TV will soon get support for the official Netflix app and here's a complete guide to set up Netflix on the supported OnePlus TVs. 

Netflix is coming soon to OnePlus TV: Here's how to set up, watch ultra HD content and more


  • The OnePlus TV Q1 series could soon get support for Netflix in India.
  • The OnePlus TV will support content streaming in 4K and HDR.
  • OnePlus might redesign the remote controller to accomodate the Netflix button.

2019 has seen all new smart TV launches proclaiming support for two of the most highly anticipated OTT platforms - Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The new Xiaomi Mi TVs got the support for both out-of-the-box and OnePlus also launched its OnePlus TV Q1 series with support for Amazon Prime Video out-of-the-box. However, the Netflix support was missing and OnePlus said it would be coming soon to the user of the OnePlus TV. Now, it seems that the rollout for Netflix support could happen very soon on the OnePlus TV.

The official support page for Netflix has been updated and it now shows the OnePlus TV as a supported device. In fact, the Netflix Help Center has rolled out a dedicated and elaborate guide on how to set up Netflix on the OnePlus TV. Netflix has also listed all the new Netflix features that OnePlus TV users will get when it rolls out. While OnePlus is still mum about any announcement regarding this, it seems that Netflix has completed its certification process and it could soon be coming to the OnePlus TV Q1 series.

However, the licensing of a product for Netflix requires the manufacturer to offer a dedicated button for opening Netflix. Hence, OnePlus could change the design of the OnePlus remote controller for the OnePlus TV and add a dedicated Netflix button to offer quick access to the platform.

The Netflix app might come as an update to the OnePlus TV and for members of Netflix, here's everything they need to know to get started on binging on.

Setting up Netflix on OnePlus TV Q1 and OnePlus Q1 Pro

--Once the Netflix app is available on both the OnePlus TV models, users need to press the button and come to the login page.

--Users then need to input their login ID and password for their Netflix account. Once that's done, the app will connect to the user's Netflix account and will start showing all the content.

Which Netflix features will be supported on OnePlus TV Q1 series?

Most of the Netflix features are highly dependent on the subscription plans that subscribers go for. For a subscriber who has access to the highest-end plan, this is what the OnePlus TV can offer.

--The OnePlus TV Q1 series comes with a massive 55-inch 4K QLED panel with support Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content. Hence, all Netflix shows supporting HDR can utilise the panel to offer more vibrant and true-to-life colours with higher contrasts. Netflix suggests that users need an Internet connection with speeds of at least 25Mbps to stream HDR content to the OnePlus TV on Netflix.

--Since the OnePlus TV Q1 series get 55-inch 4K panels, all shows available in 4K can be viewed on it. The OnePlus TV Q1 series will be able to stream 4K shows at 60Hz from Netflix. However, streaming 4K content depends on whether the user has subscribed to a plan that allows 4K streaming.

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