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OnePlus 6 officially gets LineageOS 16 nightlies support

OnePlus 6 officially gets LineageOS 16 nightlies support

LineageOS continues to roll out support for devices, with the immensely popular OnePlus 6 now being supported by the biggest custom ROM.

It’s almost odd that the OnePlus 6 has never been supported officially by LineageOS before but given that OxygenOS is updated regularly and is about as close to stock Android as you can get, it makes sense. Of course, that has all changed as you can now download and flash nightly builds of LineageOS 16 on your OnePlus 6 (via Android Police).

Given the Essential Phone received support just a few short days ago, it is not too much of a shock that the OnePlus 6 has now been added to the supported list merely days later — they offer similar ‘stock-ish’ software experiences after all. OnePlus also commits to three years of support with OxygenOS, so maybe users are less inclined to flash a custom ROM simply because of how well supported OnePlus devices tend to be.

We would also be surprised if other newer OnePlus devices don’t follow suit and have LineageOS support added in the coming months — particularly the OnePlus 6T, 7, and 7 Pro. The initial delays could have been down to the way that OnePlus uses A/B partitions for seamless device OTA updates.

LineageOS support comes right off the back of news that the Android Q Beta 2 is heading out to OnePlus 6/6T devices, so it may come as a mere side note. That said, it is a welcome addition for fans of both LineageOS and the OnePlus 6. For those wanting to download the latest nightly build, you can do so here.

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