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RBI is issuing new note of 1000 rupees, know the truth about these photos

Pictures of the new Rs 1000 note are becoming viral on social media. These pictures are being viral on social media and it is being said that (RBI) has released a new note of Rs 1000 today. These photos are being shared widely on Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp.

RBI is issuing new note of 1000 rupees, know the truth about these photos
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Is RBI really issuing notes? We will find out about this:

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What is truth:

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The photos that have gone viral have 'Artistic Imagination' written on the top right. Which makes it clear that these photos are not real. Apart from this, you can also see that where 'I promise to pay a thousand rupees to the holder', there are the signatures of Mahatma Gandhi whereas the signatures of the Governor are there.

Third party image reference

Prior to this, it was also being said that RBI is going to close 2000 rupee notes. But there is no truth in them either. This news was also fake. Whenever RBI issues any new note, it will give information before that. Now what do you say about this article, friends? Let me know your answers and opinions in the comment box below.

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Are yeh note toh mujhe pehle hi mil gayi imli ke packet ke sath. Woh bhi sirf Rs 5 ka packet, tasty hai bhai. Ek baar zaroor chak ke dekhe

3 Months ago


yes this news are real new Rs,1000/- note issues RBI it's an fact....

3 Months ago


better used the expired notes of 1000 and 500

3 Months ago

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