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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Launch Tipped For August 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Launch Tipped For August 7
Image courtesy: @onleaks

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7 in New York City, according to a new CNET report. The launch time-frame is believable because the Galaxy Note 9 was also launched around the same time, also in New York City. There have been some reports that suggested Samsung could launch the Galaxy Note 10 on August 10, because you know, 10 – but the new report cites people familiar with the matter, adding some credence to the whole thing.

Samsung is reportedly working on two Note devices for 2019 – on similar lines as its Galaxy S10 lineup. Both the versions will reportedly have the same design and core specs, differing in size and perhaps camera capabilities – also, the bigger Note is expected to support 5G. Samsung looks set to continue with its Infinity-O design, but in the Galaxy Note 10, the punch-hole may occupy a more central positioning.

Both the Note devices will reportedly ditch a headphone jack. Now, smartphone companies killing the jack have always stuck around with the argument that no jack leads to a slimmer profile. But the Note has to fit in a stylus – that's a given. If it could fit a stylus, it could fit a headphone jack there somewhere – which is why the lack of a headphone jack on a Note seems like a bad idea. Many would be hoping against hope Samsung retains the jack, but no-headphone-jack-land is where all flagships phones are going. Samsung joining the pack won’t be surprising.

Samsung may also opt for capacitive-style buttons on the new Note (with some sort of texture like the power button in the Galaxy S10e) - omitting the need for physical buttons for power and volume controls. Clearly, Samsung is gunning for a seamless look and feel – if that be the case. That said, since no part of this is confirmed, it is advised you take this piece of information with a pinch of salt.

Samsung has confirmed that it is working on a perfect all-screen smartphone with an in-display selfie camera - but the Galaxy Note 10 may not get it.

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