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Singer Gulshan Kumar's sister looks very beautiful and attractive, see hot photos

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Earlier this year, Indian music producer T-Series touched 100 million subscribers on YouTube. With this, the t-series became YouTube's most subscribed channel. The T series is the largest YouTube channel in the world. Gulshan Kumar, who started it, is no longer in this world, his son Bhushan Kumar is handling it. Most of Bollywood's songs are produced under the multi-crore company t-series.

Singer Gulshan Kumar's sister looks very beautiful and attractive, see hot photos
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Gulshan Kumar, who produced the T-series, has a total of 3 children. Apart from Bhushan, Gulshan Kumar also has two daughters. One sister of Bhushan Kumar is named Tulsi Kumar and the other sister is named Khushali Kumar. Both of them are flowing singers. Tulsi Kumar has sung many songs for films, while Khushali Kumar has gained recognition with 'Manu Ishq Da Lagaya Rog'.

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Bhushan Kumar's sister Khushali Kumar is very beautiful to watch. As beautiful as his voice is, she is beautiful in appearance, besides singing Khushali is also very fond of fashion. She also has a degree in fashion designing. This singer is also interested in acting and if she believes her social media account, she is going to make a Bollywood debut. Her first Bollywood film will be 'Dahi Chini', in which she will be seen working with actor R Madhavan.

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Consider Khushali Kumar's personal life, then she is still unmarried. She is 33 years old. Although Khushali Kumar was engaged to businessman Ayush Mehra a few years ago, but due to some personal reasons their engagement was broken. Friends, how did you like this post, please tell us by liking, sharing and commenting, as well as do not forget to follow us. Thank you

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