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Sonakshi Sinha Talks About Crimes Against Women & Pay Disparity In Bollywood

The pay gap between male and female actors in Bollywood is well known. However, things are slowly but steadily improving. Movie buffs are celebrating talent sans gender and stars like Radhika Apte and Kangana Ranaut are expressing strong views about the issue. Recently, while promoting her upcoming film ‘Dabangg 3’, Sonakshi Sinha added her two cents on the disparity.

Hindustan Times quoted her saying, “We have a long way to go. Even for the movies helmed by women, I have been a part of a few, nowhere is the pay structure as close to what a male superstar would get.”

Times Now News quoted her citing the audience as one of the factors,

“Honestly, that has a lot to do with the audience too. I think Taapsee said that if the audiences come and watch our solo movies as much as they go and watch the male superstars, we can also charge that much because our returns will be that much. But the fact is that we don’t have that kind of audience as of now. As much as we talk and would love to have equality, the fact is there is a long way to go.”

She went on to express her anger over the horrific crimes against women that have deeply affected the entire nation.

“It’s really sad that today we live in a country where this keeps happening repeatedly. When is it going to stop? Honestly, I have not been able to say anything on social media because my blood is boiling. I don’t know what to say, I just feel sick to the pit of my stomach. How do you explain these things.”

She added,

“There has to be a punishment, especially when the crime is proved, where you have the culprit. But, there is this other side also where people file fake cases which is why capital punishment cannot be implemented. When things like this happen, it really makes your blood boil.”

Watch her complete interview here:

Do you agree that moviegoers are also part of why male actors get paid more in Bollywood?

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