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Sushil Kumar of Bihar, who won 5 crores in KBC, is now in such condition!

Sushil Kumar of Bihar, who won 5 crores in KBC, is now in such condition!
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In 2011, in the fifth season of KBC, Bihar's Sushil Kumar rocketed to become the winner of 5 crores. Sushil Kumar was from a very poor family, and by winning a prize money of 5 crores, Sushil made the name of whole Bihar bright. But do you know what Sushil Kumar does right now, let's know.

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If the reports were to be heard then it was also reported last year that after earning such a huge amount, Sushil Kumar has become poor again because he built his house out of the amount he had won and also helped his brother in doing business. There was also news that he was not getting any job now.

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But recently there was a news that Sushil Kumar is doing a great job for Champaran in Bihar. With in a year, Sushil has made a different identity by planting more than 70 thousand saplings in Champaran. Sushil Kumar, who hails from Champaran district of Bihar, is praising this campaign everywhere.

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I think dear, author in KBC show their is only 1crore for till last question... how comes 5crores did he won 5times lol please don't make shit news seriously nowadays in uc browser full of shits news... haak tuuooo

28 Days ago


whats the fault of KBC ? he earnerd 5 crores & spend the money in his own wish. Getting job has no connection with it. if he finished 5 crores, then obviously financial condition will again become as it was earlier

29 Days ago


didnt planned spending money. so he just went to live a lavish life for a few years and then, boooommm. back to where he started. thats really his fault and no one else. he could have invested some of his money on some good bussiness field and so on.

29 Days ago

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