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THEN and NOW of Bollywood Celebs Who Looked Very Ordinary During School/College

We all find some fault in ourselves and this self criticism leads to lack of confidence. Mostly, the lack of confidence we have is based on how we look, considering the fact that we judge a book by its cover. So, while bollywood celebrities are mostly our ideals, here are some incredible examples of how certain celebrities, who looked like any regular person, have become the best of themselves. Following are such examples:

Shilpa Shetty

When you see her pictures from the past, you would not believe what she has become like now! This deserves an applause..

THEN and NOW of Bollywood Celebs Who Looked Very Ordinary During School/College

Ranbir Kapoor

Though he has the irresistable Kapoor genes, but he definitely did not look like a superstar in his school days as he looks now!


Ranveer Singh

The notoriety that's reflecting in his childhood picture is somehow similar to how fun loving he still is.


Shah Rukh Khan

The ordinary looking Shahrukh in college wouldn't have even imagined the kind of success he is gonna achieve.


Sanjay Dutt

Sanju baba was a lean thin man before he became more muscular and classy.


Arjun Kapoor

Arjun was a very bulky guy before he shed all the weight and appear as a winner.


Ajay Devgn

You would have probably ignored Ajay Devgn in his first movie but he has grown to be a great actor who adds value to any movie he works in.


R. Madhavan

From a black and white world to sepia filter, R. Madhavan has never looked better than he does now.


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