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The biggest secret which may never be solved, can you solve it?

Where is the tomb of Cleopatra?

The biggest secret which may never be solved, can you solve it?
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Ancient writers claim that Cleopatra VII and her lover, Marc Antony, were buried together in a grave after his death in 30 BC. The author Plutarch (45-120 AD) wrote that this mausoleum was located near a temple of Isis, which was an Egyptian goddess. And there was a "lofty and beautiful" memorial with gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, ebony and ivory treasures made of tooth.

The place of the tomb remains a mystery. In 2010, Egypt's former archbishop Zahir Havasav did a site excavation near Alexandria, which is now called Taposiris Magna, in which there are many graves in the era when Cleopatra VII ruled Egypt.

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In the history, Cleopatra is mentioned as a very beautiful youth, and for this, he used milk from Ghadhi. He used to ask about 700 donkey milk daily for bathing, which kept his skin beautiful. This has been proved in recent search. The tomb of Kleopatra and Mark Antony has never been found, though the ancient Egyptian service believes that it is in or near the Temple of Taposiris Magna in the south-west of Alexandria. Searching for archaeologists. If you know, then comment.

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Solve it? Why not? It was in my backyard but we've now built a toilet over it. Swach Abhiyan!

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