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The most beautiful Sadhvi of the country, what wonderful beauty they really have

In today's changing lifestyle, everyone wants to be connected with social media. Everyone wants to share stories related to their life with people through social media, from celebrity to common man. Now the craze of social media has increased so much that Baba and Sadhvi people have also come in its clutches. Yes, a Sadhvi is dominating social media these days. These Sadhvi are so beautiful that people are even calling her the queen of social media.

The most beautiful Sadhvi of the country, what wonderful beauty they really have
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Today we are telling you about a sadhvi who has given M.A. After studying, she has taken the path of spirituality and these Sadhvi are also very active on social media. Let us tell you that his name is Swami Anadi Saraswati. Anadi Saraswati narrates across the country. Not only this, they are called to train employees of many institutes and companies.

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In social media, she keeps her words with Om Namah: Shivaay. She has been awarded the "BEST FEMALE SAINT of India" award. Swami Anadi Saraswati, Chairperson of Chiti Sandhan Yoga Center, Swami Anadi Saraswati was awarded the 'Top 50 Indian Icon Award-2016' at the grand ceremony held in Juhu, ISKCON Auditorium, Mumbai.

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This award was given to him for his valuable contribution in meaningful efforts to take Indian society towards progress through spirituality. Anadi Saraswati received initiation from Guru Revendra Swamy Dharma Premanand Saraswati in the year 2008. During this time he traveled around the country with his guru and acquired spiritual knowledge. Anadi Saraswati has attained initiation according to the tradition of Mahanirvan Akhara of Shankaracharya.

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