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This Artist Can Turn Anyone Into a 3D Cartoon Character

In today's world, where animation seems increasingly realistic, the line between drawing and reality still remains more or less clear. But artist and digital illustrator Lance Phan, who specializes in creating landscapes and digital 3D characters, has taken the opposite path and uses photos of real people who convert them into creations that remind us of characters from any Pixar or Dreamworks movie. He asks permission from the people he decides to manipulate, but surely his agenda is full of petitions to star in one of his works.

This  Artist Can Turn Anyone Into a 3D Cartoon Character
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In fact, the strange digital replica of their humans began to receive photos and requests from around the world. But if he had to choose, he would probably select female models because, according to him, they are less complicated. 

- "Girls send me pictures where they are the main subject," explained the Vietnamese artist. - "The guys are different ... Photos have a lot of objects and people, so it takes forever to make just one photo."
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He says he needs about 5 hours per photo, so he carefully chooses the model. Lance documents the phases of his work on social media, showing the various phases from color correction to shading before completion. The process is both fascinating and amazing. Still, he remains humble and critical of his impressive work, saying he has a lot to learn. 

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If you're interested in submitting a photo for transformation, check out Lance 's Facebook and Instagram pages to learn how to upload.

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