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Top 10 largest grasslands in the world

10-Hulun Buuer Grassland

Located in the Mongolian region, this meadows spread over a vast area of ​​93,000 sq km.

Top 10 largest grasslands in the world
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9-Great Hungarian Plane

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8-Manchurian Plain

Manchurian Maidan, which is also known as Sung Liao Maidan, is spread across an area of ​​350,000 sq km, located in the center of the lowland between northeast China.

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7-lalnos grassland

Llanasod of grasslands is located in northern North America. The Lalanos is a vast area of ​​570,000 sq km in the meadows.

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6-Argentina, Uruguay and Brazilian Compass

The vastness of these grasslands can be estimated from the fact that it touches almost three countries. Its area of ​​750,000 sq km includes Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Argentina Province of Córdoba.

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5-Kazakh Steppe

Kazakh Steppe, as its name suggests, is a big grassland in northern Kazakhstan. Kazakh Steppe extends to a broad area, of which the area is 804,500 sq km.

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4-Australian Savannah

Australian savanna, also called Australian tropical savanna, is located in northern Australia. Located in an area of ​​1,769,160 sq km, this savannah experiences extreme temperatures.

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3-Canadian Prairies

This prairie spreads north of Edmonton and covers 3 provinces east of Manitoba-Minnesota border. The area of ​​Canadian Prairies is an amazing 1,780,650.6 km².

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2-Great Plains of North America

This area of ​​grassland is mind-obsessed: 2,900,000 sq km

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1-Nagesh Grasland in Tibet

It is huge in the pasture and it appears that infinite areas spread over an area of ​​40 million square kilometers.

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