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Wanna know for whom Rekha applies Sindoor on her forehead despite being single?

Rekha was romantically linked with megastar Amitabh Bachchan. This relation ended soon as Amitabh was already married to Jaya Bhaduri. Later she got married to businessman Mukesh Aggarwal in 1990 but this relation also ended within a year as he committed suicide.

Wanna know for whom Rekha applies Sindoor on her forehead despite being single?
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Rekha was also rumored of being married to Bollywood actor Vinod Mehra. He also died soon and this left Rekha lonely again in her life. Here she started dating 5 year younger actor Sanjay Dutt while shooting for a movie with him.

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These 2 lovebirds started living together and even got secretly married. Sanju's father Sunil Dutt didn't approve of this relation and got his son married to Richa Sharma. Rekha was again lonely in life but never forgot to apply Sindoor on her forehead till date.

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This fact was revealed by Yasser Usman in Rekha's autobiography (Rekha - The Untold Story). So guys are you surprised to know that Rekha still applies Sindoor on her forehead for Sanju Baba? Stay connected and do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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ths lady has no luck for husband's.

8 Months ago


So sad living alone is very difficult every day&night it kills life becomes HELL& Warthless with out love&emotional feelings but a married couple creates a magic love&care in eachother that becomes a strong love bond in two strange people in one soul.

8 Months ago


ever one is born alone hv to die alone

8 Months ago

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