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What are some scenes in Indian movies that show lack of creativity? Know

Okay, there are several scenes that come to my mind. Let me pen down a few here.

Scene One:

Heroine doing charity which makes the hero fall in love with heroine:

If the director is not able to think of a proper reason to make hero and heroine fall in love with each other, then there is one millennia old trick to overcome it.

  • Heroine does some charity or social service.
  • Hero coincidentally witnesses it, yeah trust me, by pure coincidence hero arrives there and witnesses the social service done by heroine.
  • Hero smiles, which shows that he has fallen in love with the heroine.

I can remember several scenes in which the same scene appears.


What are some scenes in Indian movies that show lack of creativity? Know
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In this movie, Heroine (Tamanna) witnesses Hero (Vijay na) doing charity and social service.

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Just help the kAsHtApAdRa people to fall in love.

Am I still single because I seldom do social service? Or why, no one witnesses me doing charity?

Scene Two:

Heroine has no role to play in the movie? No problem, just keep a scene where heroine consoles (or motivates) the hero.

Hundred examples can be shown. A few for you.

Anushka motivating Surya in Singham 1

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Velaikaran: This scene from velaikaran movie is worse. At least, in Singham, the heroine got a bunch of dialogue to motivate the demotivated hero.

But, in Velaikaran, the hero Sivakarthikeyan na just vents out his grief to the heroine. She simply listens, utters no word and just holds his hands when he completes his sad story.

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Scene 3:

Villain who is super-powerful in the beginning of the movie, but doesn’t even have a shaving razor to defend him in the end.

This is the main concept in a lot of movies. Don’t be surprised if the villain is identified as the most powerful person in the continent, in the start of the movie. At the end, he won’t even have a small shaving razor to defend himself from hero.

Scene 4:

Heroine gets captured by the villain. Hero fights to release her.

The scene can be dated back to Ramayana or Iliad which were written a couple of thousand years ago. But this scene can still be scene in movies.

Even a foetus inside mother's womb knows that the scene would end up with hero saving the heroine. But still, you have to wait until those stunt scenes are over.


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These were some scenes that I could immediately remember. Almost all of these were from Tamil movies which I mostly see. Yes guys, I'm used to all this crap.

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And it is a fact in southe indian movies.Stories are world class but fight sequences are gutter class.One one theme is that at first heroine just hates the hero and after some time becomes die hard fan of the hero.Lastly there is always a chamcha of villian who is often praises the hero.

3 Months ago

Kattu Battu

Films are for entertainment purposes. If you want them to be true and realistic, just have a look at your own life, that'll do it.

3 Months ago

Nelson kumar

Add one more...Heroine surrounded by bad guys and about to rape her suddenly Hero appears from nowhere and trash the bad guys and saves her.Next duet song.

3 Months ago

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