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‘Don’t run a Google search’: BJP’s national spokesperson was unable to name labour minister of India

Gaurav Bhatia took so long to answer the question on live TV that he inspired the Twitter trend ‘don’t run a Google search’.

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia had an embarrassing moment during a live debate on a television channel when he was unable to give a timely response to a question that asked him to name the labour minister of the country.

Bhatia had appeared on ABP News’s “e-Shikhar Sammelan” alongside Congress’s social media chief Rohan Gupta for a discussion on the migrant worker crisis. Gupta accused the BJP government of being apathetic, and in this context asked Bhatia to name the country’s labour minister.

The BJP leader took a considerable time to answer, making it obvious to viewers and social media users that he was searching on Google, using his phone below the line of the camera.

The video prompted Twitter users to trend the term “Google search mat kariye” (don’t run a Google search) and post a video of the debate.

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why BJP is killing innocent lives in the trick of Corona and even anchor is supporting the misdeeds and mismanagement of modi government by asking GK question she clears her support for modi govt who is killer of innocents and children's of India Just like Ghodse killed the father of the nation

1 Months ago


bip ka aukat pata chal gaya.

1 Months ago


What a spokeswoman.... wow

1 Months ago

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