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‘Individual controller at the heart of safe air travel’

‘Individual controller at the heart of safe air travel’

Applauding the hard work of men and women of air traffic control who help make flight travel one of the safest modes of transport, Sanjay Narain, spokesperson of the Lucknow Airport, urged people to recognise their efforts and salute their accomplishment.

In a statement issued on the eve of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, celebrated on October 20 every year, Narain said, “Controllers are the most flexible and adaptable elements of the system -- constantly growing with the evolving procedures, changing technical systems, and social and environmental constraints. On October 20, we celebrate every individual air traffic controller. We also renew our mission of service through the civil aviation industry, which is at the heart of a global community.”

The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations was founded on October 20, 1961, he said.

Appreciating the role played by the UDAN scheme in boosting regional air travel, Narain said, “In India, travel industry is growing due to the Government of India’s UDAN scheme. Here too, air traffic controllers have played a vital role in fulfilling the promise of regional airport connectivity.”

Highlighting how air traffic control (ATC) had developed into a “highly sophisticated and technology dependent occupation,” he said, “New technologies and systems introduce over the years have improved efficiency and contributed to safe air travel. However, the individual controller has always been and still remains the key element of a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible ATC network.”

ATC Lucknow controls 180 flight movements daily. “Air traffic control Lucknow has adopted new technologies that help controllers to work even in fog/ low visibility conditions,” said Narain.

On Sunday, the ATC Guild Lucknow branch will organise various programmes to celebrate the day. “These include a tree plantation drive, sweets and candy distribution to passengers, and pilot-air traffic controller interaction,” said Narain.

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