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5 Food To Help Treat Cooking Burns From Kitchen

5 Food To Help Treat Cooking Burns From Kitchen

Often while cooking in your kitchen you can end up with cooking burns. These burns cause irritation and itching. Many of us know to apply ice, aloe vera, honey or toothpaste on burn scars but apart from those old techniques, did you know there are other foods that help in treating your burn scars? Here we bring you some of the super foods to treat your burn right from your kitchen.

* Vanilla

For your burn scars, you can use vanilla extract to give you a complete relief. There will be evaporation in the vanilla extract which will soothe and cool down your burn quickly, alleviating the pain. You need to use a cotton bud, dip it in vanilla extract and dab on the area where you have got burnt.

* Milk

Milk is an easily available product in your house which helps in soothing your burn pain quickly. All you need to do is it takes some milk in the bowl and soak the burn mark for 15 minutes. Milk which has inbuilt cold temperature property cools down your burning sensation.

* Black Tea Bags

Black tea bags contain a high level of tannic acid which aids in the soothing sensation of your burnt scar. For the treatment, you need two to three black wet tea bags and place it on your affected area.

* Coconut oil and Lemon

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. It also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which do not elevate any kind of infection on the burns. To get relief from the burned skin all you need to do is mix a few spoons of coconut oil with few drops of lemon and massage it gently on the mark. Coconut oil helps to heal the scar whereas lemon lightens the mark.

* Vinegar

White vinegar contains a high level of acetic acid helps in pain relief. It also has antiseptic and astringent properties. Use cotton balls or paper towels soaked in white vinegar on the burn scar.

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