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5 Foods We Can Never Eat Again Due To Climate Change

1. Chocolate:

5 Foods We Can Never Eat Again Due To Climate Change
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Although cacao trees are not affected by high temperatures, they require abundant rainfall & high humidity.

But,extreme weather is not expected to be accompanied by heavy rains. These conditions can negatively impact cocoa production & result in one million fewer tons of powder, truffles, or bars of chocolate per year.

2. Tea:

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The tea sector will be greatly impacted by climate change if no preventive measures are taken. For example, increased vulnerability to insects or lower quality leaves are just a few problems the industry is going to face.

3. Honey:

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There are different underlying reasons, but global warming is partly to blame too.

The rising levels of CO2 reduce the protein in pollen, the main food source among bees. In the worst case, this problem can lead to their dying-off since they will fail to get enough nutrition.

4. Rice:

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Rice can become less nutritious because of the rising concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It means that people who rely on rice as their key food will have to look for ways to avoid health-threatening problems.

5. Orchard fruits:

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Winters can become too mild for apple production. On the other hand, extreme heat & sunburn damage can be too severe for orchard trees during other months. As a result, growers can expect a shortage in the quality & amount of fruit.

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I can't imagine a world without rice and tea!

6 Months ago


our own mistakes lead to horrible life

6 Months ago


yaa it's true.... in future we will not get anything if now we don't save it..

6 Months ago

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