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5 Quotes that will inspire you to achieve your Goals

5 Quotes that will inspire you to achieve your Goals
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All the quotes were from "Think and grow Rich". First published in 1937, is one of the best selling books of all the time. This book contain consistent 25 years of hard work, just to discover the formula of success by interviewing 500 successful men and women, many of then were millionaire including Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates

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"One of the main weakness of mankind is the average man's familiarity with the word "IMPOSSIBLE"

 "Tolerance, and an open mind are practical necessities of the dreamer of today"

"Remember that it is not the lawyer who knows the most law, but the one who best prepare his case, who wins"

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"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success"

"Self-analysis may disclose weakness which one does not like acknowledge"

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