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5 Rare Species of Snakes Found in India

5 Rare Species of Snakes Found in India

Little known species of snakes found in India also include Central Asian cobra, Andaman Cobra,Andaman Cat Snake,Levantine Viper, Perrotet’s Wood Snake, Large eyed bamboo snake,Green rat snake, large spotted cat snake and Assam Kukri Snake.

* Monocled Cobra

Monocled Cobra is a beautiful snake and distributed across Northeastern Indian states and can also be found in grasslands.

* Northeastern Hill Krait

Northeastern Hill Krait is a venomous elapid snake, found in high elevations of Himalayas in Arunachal Pradesh.

* Radiated Ratsnake

Radiated Ratsnake also known as copperhead rat snake is a nonvenomous snake, mostly found in Northeastern states of India.

* Paradise Flying Snake

Paradise Flying Snake is a mildly venomous snake, mostly found in forest, tree and glide from the top of a tree.

* Common Bridal Snake

Common Bridal Snake found in southern India, The nocturnal lifestyle of common bridle snake is active but timid by nature.

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