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5 most trusted smartphone brands this year in India, last one is everyone's favourite

India is one of the most demanding markets for the smartphone companies to sell their products. Due to advancement in internet throughout the country, need for smartphone is inclined. Therefore, the demand of smartphone is also hiked and mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Realme want to capture majority of the market share so that they can gain more profits.

In this article, we are going to talk about most trusted smartphone brands in India and we hope you will like it and share with your friends as well as family.

1. Xiaomi

5 most trusted smartphone brands this year in India, last one is everyone's favourite
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Chinese smartphone maker and emerging in global level as well as in India because of this, from a long while Xiaomi maintained its lead on smartphone market as it captured 30.6% market share.

2. Samsung

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South Korean mobile phone and electronics manufacturer Samsung is now on second place after Xiaomi as its market share is only 22.3%. However, Samsung is changing strategy so that they can compete with others. Therefore, it introduced M series smartphone for online sale and A series for offline market.

3. Vivo

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Another Chinese mobile phone company Vivo, which is more popular in offline market and it managed to capture 13.0% market share.

4. Oppo

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In thia list, we have another Chinese smartphone brand and Oppo which was Indian cricket team's sponsor now it is the 4th most trusted and valued brand by market share as it has 7.6% market share.

5. Realme

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Newly entered in smartphone market Chinese comps Realme is now the 5th biggest and trustworthy mobile brand of India as it managed to acquire 6% market share.

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As it is clear from the above mentioned points that these brands have higher market share so there is nothing to doubt about their trustworthiness.

Sources:- Times of India and IDC

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xiaomi is most of the peoples favorite not realme, i think its ur favourite 😜😜🤓🤓

7 Months ago


moto is more trust able y all u forgot about Motorola

6 Months ago


Realme king

4 Months ago

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