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9 mysterious places in the world on which no one believes

Science can answer most of our questions. But we should not forget that after some time, some such things come in front of the world, which disturb not only us but also the scientists. Today we are going to show you some strange things, from some unsolved lights to dancing trees. Which science has not understood till date and scientists almost consider it impossible.

1.) Marfa Lights

9 mysterious places in the world on which no one believes
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A small town in West Texas named Marfa. People living here for the past several decades have complained that some strange and mysterious lights are seen here. According to eyewitnesses, the lights, which have been named Marfa Lights, are as big as a basketball. Also, their color also varies like white blue yellow or red. Most of the time these lights keep flying in the air and many times it is seen in two pieces.

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After this, it disappears somewhere in the sky. There is no estimate of when these Marfa Lights will appear now. Because there is no specific time or season that can cause these lights to appear. These lights were first seen in 1883. At that time this township had just started. Then the people living here felt that the lights would be coming from the wood lit by the American soldiers living on that side. But upon finding out, it was found that there was no fire burning

Students studying at University of Texas tried to explain it. They are just calling it a deception of the eyes. They say that this is happening because the temperature is above and below. But there is no point in this. Some people said that these lights are being generated by the burning of gases emanating from the oil wells present there. At the same time, some people are still stuck on the aliens. Whatever it is, we know that there are lights and no one knows where those lights come from.

2.) Two suns of china

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What happened when two suns were seen together in China's sky. Yes, you heard it right. Something similar happened in 2011. One sun in appearance was like a common day sun but the other one appeared slightly darker. This condition was seen all day there. People could not recognize the real sun. The amazing thing was that neither of these two suns was real.

When asked about this by the scientists, they said that it is a mysterious phenomenon in which a very difficult kind of refraction has been shown. A lot of circumstances had to be together. At that time it was necessary to have a special atmosphere and ice on the earth. In which sending the sunshine back to one place, such a view was made over China.

3.) Choreactis gaster

Choreactis gaster is a thing spoken in science. In common language, we can also call it Devil's Cigar. Actually it is a kind of mushroom. But it does not grow at all like any common mushroom. Initially it looks like a dark colored cigar when it rises. But then it starts splitting into its different parts. When it starts splitting, the mushroom breaks itself into 7 parts. But when it breaks, then smoke appears from inside it.

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It also makes a sound with smoke coming out. Devil cigars are found in only two parts of the world and both these places are 11000 kilometers away from each other. On three islands of Japan, this mushroom is found in the roots of oak trees. And from there it is found in the roots of M trees in the forests of Texas, 11000 kilometers away. Now the question arises as to how the same type of fungus is found in so far inhabited areas. Scientists are still worried about this.

4.) Morning glory cloud

The Morning Glory Cloud can be seen many places in this world. But Australia is the only place in this world where we know that such a cloud will be seen here at this time. The formation of such a cloud is a meteorological phenomina that resembles a kind of roll or cylinder. The biggest reason behind its formation is temperature. The temperature makes this cloud on the front.

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Gradually, it becomes so big and wide that human eyes neither see its end nor its beginning. A special hand glider is used to see this. The glider flies go very close to it. After this the temperature starts changing, after which this cloud disintegrates to become a normal cloud.

5.) Da tous hmm

There is a small town in New Mexico called Taus. People living here have complained to the administration that they hear strange sounds here. The sound is somewhat like hmm. This slow moving sound, today called Taus Hmm, was first heard in 1990. A professor from New Mexico conducted a survey here. A recording system was installed in each house. The amazing thing was that Hmm's voice was also recorded in the recording system.

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But even after getting so much evidence, when the administration was asked for its answer, they simply said that the people living here only have the responsibility and nothing else. The amazing thing was that every person heard different hmm sounds. Now some science or administration refused to answer this, after which people started making their own talk. Now people say that either there is an alien base under the ground or big machines are working under this earth which the government is hiding from everyone.

6.)Dancing forest

Hundreds of trees have formed a forest in Russia named the Dancing Forest. Because the trees that grow here are found in very strangely curved, crooked or odd shapes. Till date no one has been able to tell how this condition of these trees has happened today. These trees were originally planted in the 1960s. These were planted only to prevent soil erosion. Some people say that the soil here is very sloppy due to which the shape of the trees has become like this.

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But some people say that when these trees were growing here, they must have been attacked by some kind of insect kites, due to which this condition of these trees has happened today. Everyone you ask about them will tell you different things about them. We could not find out the exact reason till date. Now you definitely tell us the exact reason for this in the comment.

7.) Patomski crater

This pit disturbed science and the whole world for many decades. It is actually made in Siberia. But the nearest Janabadi is also hundreds of miles away. People living here know it as Fire EagleNest. Whoever heard of it today. After hearing this, there is a fear in his mind that powerful powers exist near this pit. Due to its powers, if any animal, even humans, go near it, then it is sure to die.

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Its diameter is 520 feet. It is 140 feet high. It was first discovered in 1949 by Russian geologists. Those who discovered this pit thought that it would be made by falling of a meteorite. After which everyone also believed this because in 1908 a meteorite named Tengushka fell in this forest.

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But later this reason was also rejected because some scientists said that this crater is at least 500 years old. When people came to know about this, people started making their own talks. Some are telling it to be the result of the gas explosion, while others are calling it a crater generated by the volcano. But the real thing is that both science and scientists are engaged in finding out the reason behind it.

8.) Mpimi Silent Zone

Mpimi Silent Zone, created in Durango Mexico, is often compared with the Bermuda Triangle. Because both places have the same work. Both places are notorious for strange and mysterious events. It is amazing that in this silent zone, the range of any tower does not reach. Of course, no matter how close it has been planted. Even the compass does not work here.

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You may not believe it, but if some people are standing here and talking among themselves, then they cannot listen to each other's words. Because the sound coming out of their mouths will not reach each other. Often strange lights are seen here. Apart from this, there are frequent meteor bodies falling here. People from all over the world come to visit here and feel this region.

9.) Mariana Trench Sound

We all know that the lowest point of the Mariana Trench is the deepest point in this world. This crack is 1500 miles long and 42 miles wide. This rift formed in the Pacific sea is 11 kilometers deep. It is believed that a special kind of sound always roams in the Mariana Trench. In 2016, scientists first recorded the voice of the deepest part of the world.

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No one was aware of where the strange voice was coming from. Not only one type of voice is heard but different types of voices are heard here. Some have been identified by scientists as Wells and Dolphins making talking voices among themselves.

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Scientists also heard that voice and the ships passing above also made a sound, that also appeared in the recording. But still there was some sound that no one was able to know where it was coming from. Friends, which one did you like best? Will definitely tell you in the comment section below. To read similar interesting articles, follow us now.

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