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After the Delhi violence, Amit Shah showed his strength, made a big announcement

Demonstrations were being held in Delhi's Shaheen Bagh over the citizenship amendment bill. However, after this, the protest started near the metro station of Zafarabad from midnight on Saturday. After this, the protest became so violent that there are reports of 10 people killed in this violence, including a police sergeant.

After the Delhi violence, Amit Shah showed his strength, made a big announcement
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Now gradually the government is also under pressure so that the government also takes some action. But Home Minister Amit Shah has called a meeting of top officials regarding the Delhi violence. During this meeting, he also gave increased orders to the officers. Let us first tell you whatever decision has to be taken about the protesters. He is under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This is the strength of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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It has now been reported that Amit Shah has given a big order to the officials to immediately control the situation. This order given to the Home Minister's officials is also important in a way because the US President is currently visiting India and in such a situation, if something ruckus, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah can be directly responsible, so The Home Minister using his power has given strict orders to the officials.

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By the way, who do you think may be behind this incident, tell us in the comments and do not forget to follow us.

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Piggy Chops

BJP & RSS activists are responsible for this violence.

3 Months ago


dear home minister ye tumhari jo power hai jispe ghamand itna hai. yeh hamari gaflaton gumrahi ka natija hai. ham kal bhi raaj karna jante the Aaj bhi jaante hai Insha Allah tum apni Ankho se dekho ge.

3 Months ago

Asaraf Pk312

Mòdì made vioĺence he teaches peopĺe to ĺoot

3 Months ago

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