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BhaDiPa: About The Channel's Beginnings And Different Projects

BhaDiPa - Bharatiya Digital Party creates content for the Marathi audience on digital platforms like YouTube. Read below to know about their video series

BhaDiPa: About The Channel's Beginnings And Different Projects

The Social Nation event is happening in Mumbai this weekend. The event will feature social media artists and groups from various platforms. BhaDiPa will be a part of the line up in the Social Nation event.

Know about BhaDiPa and the content they host

BhaDiPa - Bharatiya Digital Party started back in 2016. Paula McGlynn, a Canadian model and actor formed BhaDiPa in order to bring Marathi content on digital platforms. Paula, while speaking to a news daily had stated that she saw a scarcity of Marathi content in the digital arena and wanted to emphasize it. BhaDiPa launched its first show titled Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun which featured Amey Wagh and Nipun Dharmadhikari interviewing Marathi celebrities in a satirical way. The show was a hit on YouTube and kickstarted BhaDiPa's successful run, evident from viewership and subscriber counts. Here are the best video series' from Bharatiya Digital Party.

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Casting Couch series

The Casting Couch series is evidently the most famous series BhaDiPa has put out. The series was reportedly inspired from the famous talk show Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. The show features hosts Amey and Nipun making fun of celebrity hosts. The show has had various prominent faces in the Marathi entertainment industry as guests.

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Miss Manners' etiquette videos

Paula McGlynn, the CEO of BhaDiPa also features in some videos of the channel. She plays the character of Miss Manners in a recurring series. The videos in this series revolve around Paula's character teaching etiquettes in Marathi. Paula who is originally from Canada speaks Marathi in the series which gives it a funny twist.

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Aaplya Baapachi series

the Aaplya Baapachi series is about careless people getting into comedic situations. The videos revolve around the characters acting recklessly at public places like roads and hotels. The series tries to send a social message through comedy. It is one of the most successful series produced by BhaDiPa, one of the videos from this series has over 2.5 million views on YouTube which is rare for a Marathi skit comedy video.

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Ready To Lead series

Ready To Lead is a lift-off for the digital content production house from their staple comedy videos. It is an interview series hosted by Sarang Sathaye. It revolves around the host interviewing prominent faces of the Marathi industry and discussing their life stories. This series is reportedly loved by the fans

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Aai & Me series

Aai & Me is evidently the most successful video series that BhaDiPa put out. The videos in this series revolve around the quirky relationship of a son and his mother. The videos range from various topics like privacy, dating and even Game Of Thrones. Most of the videos in this series have a high number of viewers.

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