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Block those unnecessary ads and save data with UC Browser

When you have unlimited data at your disposal and you get a pop up video ad that lasts for 10 seconds and is advertising for something that you have no interest in, you might let it go and have patience. Though it can get very frustrating and annoying sometimes, but can you afford to the same when you have limited mobile data which you do not want to waste uselessly? Can you block these ads when you are using Google Chrome or any other mobile browser? You cannot, because these browsers do not have in-built features to block ads. Ad-blocking is a unique add-on feature on UC Browser that helps in blocking ads and preventing unnecessary pop-ups from disturbing your browsing experience.

Block those unnecessary ads and save data with UC Browser
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Especially when you are half way through reading an important news article and you get a pop-up; it can test your patience all the more when you are trying to save data. The world’s fastest browsing app ensures your smooth experience and takes care of you mobile data. It can run on your Android, iOs, Windows Mobile, Java, Blackberry etc.

It runs on an upgraded core U4 Kernel that ensures faster page loading and does not strain the RAM of your phone. Hence, it is not only friendly with you and your mobile data, but also with your device. It is light on your device and is even suitable for budget phones with comparatively weaker system memory compared to other premium phone.

UC Browser is the most popular mobile browser in terms of numbers of download. It allows users to download their favourite videos with just one tap. Besides its fastest download speed among all downloaders, useful features such as auto-resuming and video streaming while downloads are commencing in the background are very popular among users.

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