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Coffee is beneficial for health

Coffee is beneficial for health
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Coffee is another drink like tea. But coffee has more demerits than quality. Some people consider coffee as poison. A lot is consumed to eliminate brain fatigue. Is quite diuretic (urinating). Drinking coffee has harmful effects on the eyes, digestive system and wisdom fibers. The origin of coffee is Abyssinia. It came to India with Arab inhabitants. Tea and quite different substances. The qualities of these two meet each other. Generally, tea and coffee have similar characteristics. Coffee in our country is produced only in South India. Its gardens are found on Nilgiri at an altitude of 300-400 feet. Coffee is prepared from the seeds of its tree. Those seeds are called Bundadana. Bundes are baked. It has a special type of aroma. Chakori is blended in coffee. Most of the people who consume coffee like mixed varieties. There are many varieties of coffee. It is considered good enough. Some people chew their mouth by baked drops or chewed after meal instead of betel nut.

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