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Congress woos Jammu voters saying will get Hindu CM if voted

Congress has promised voters in Jammu that if the region gives them the maximum MLAs in the assembly elections, the party will appoint a Hindu CM.

Congress woos Jammu voters saying will get Hindu CM if voted

Ravinder Sharma has said Congress may appoint a Hindu CM if most MLAs come from Jammu region.

After facing a humiliating defeat in Jammu and Kashmir in the recent Lok Sabha elections, the Congress is now busy chalking out a fresh strategy to regain its lost ground in the Jammu region, which once used to be the party's bastion.

The Congress has now promised that if it gets a majority in Jammu in the upcoming assembly elections, then the party will appoint a chief minister from the Jammu region.

Speaking exclusively to India Today TV, J&K Congress' chief spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma said that his party believes in equitable development of all three regions of the state and if people of Jammu give mandate to the grand old party in the assembly elections then they can even install a chief minister from the Jammu region.

When asked whether Congress will appoint a Hindu CM, Sharma said that may also happen if a majority of their MLAs are elected from Jammu. He added that the party high command will respect the mandate of the people and will decide accordingly.

The comments come a day after Jammu and Kashmir Congress leaders met Rahul Gandhi in Delhi. Meanwhile, BJP has mocked the Congress and said that Congress will never be able to win the trust of the people of Jammu.

Speaking exclusively to India Today TV, senior BJP leader and former Deputy CM Kavinder Gupta said that the Congress is daydreaming about coming to power in Jammu and Kashmir. He claimed that the BJP will emerge as the largest party in the state after the elections and the next chief minister will also be from BJP.

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Sreedhara Murthy554

so for why such a long time you are not install Hindu candidate as a CM sir??? Only Abdulla s,Muftis and Gulaams you considered as CM.After NDA takes stringent measures for development you people's are start wake up now.so for you people's are played a vote bank politics it is clear confirmation from your Party side it self.

8 Months ago

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