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Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 23)

Happier times will be a good way to start your day, and keeping it all safe from the people who love to criticise, stay with all those you unconditionally love and trust.

Daily Aura Guidance for the Zodiac – By Renooji
Aura Guidance for 23.02.2020 (all 12 signs)

1. Aries

Daily Horoscope: Your zodiac and forecast (February 23)

Happier people infiltrate your life and community support is important to you. This will be the
pattern of your immediate future and things fall into place the way you want it. Generate revenue
for success and prosperity by working diligently as opportunities are many.

2. Taurus

Happier times are here to stay, you are committed to connecting to old friends and experiences
with a need to bond. Continue to inspire others to achieve and show them the way. Patterns of
financial strength leave you feeling relieved. Just be patient with someone who will need medical

3. Gemini

Balancing your attitude with all that still needs to be completed takes up most of your time today.
There will be a strong helping hand or financial planning that leaves you feeling life is worth
moving ahead. Love your family and spend time appreciating life.

4. Cancer

Very strong people are trying to overpower your position at work, but you are strongly keeping
your stance. You will be successful in negotiations with the family members who have been
given the power to resolve conflict. Chances of an amicable reunion are possible.

5. Leo

You will be making short trips to the market to run errands and finally, you will have to make
sure that you do not end up buying things that you do not need. You could be focusing on
earning money from the house but most of you will have a lazy day. Just be careful with your

6. Virgo

You may have a deep need for solitude to get the patterns of thinking straightened out for your
spiritual wisdom and strength to unfold happiness in all you do. Your memory is definitely more
retentive than usual. Be patient when it comes to do things for family.

7. Libra

There is a powerful mental connection with your heart and you will work very hard today to
make it better. You are proud of your ideas and the ways in which you will get things
accomplished. Very good at expressing your emotions you will be much appreciated by all.

8. Scorpio

Sorting out details of your daily duties leaves you exhausted and irritable. Stay away from
volatile interaction and success, happiness, joy and prosperity will follow you. There are many
people dependent on you emotionally but you are almost insensitive to them.

9. Sagittarius

You have a need and a strong desire to work with and communicate with others. Cooperate with
family and create a congenial atmosphere with a greater impact on the world you live and work
in. There is a great need to communicate with partners and friends to see life move ahead in a
harmonious way.

10. Capricorn

Someone who you would previously consider unimportant is suddenly everywhere you go.
Network with the person so that you are in a very strong space to achieve excellence. There is a
financial opportunity that leaves you stumped. Encase all your opportunities today and move on.

11. Aquarius

Promoting others is a pass time, promoting yourself a necessity. Just be careful with what you
promote. There will be a lot of nurturing patterns that bring some financial conflict. You are
definitely in the path to achieve what you set out to do. Relax with family and know that there is
appreciation for all that you do for your family.

12. Pisces

Happier times will be a good way to start your day, and keeping it all safe from the people who
love to criticise, stay with all those you unconditionally love and trust. Be generous with your
juniors and spend time with your thoughts so that you can reorganise your work ethics and
produce excellence in the now.

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