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Delta flight declares emergency after crew reports ‘vibration’ on board

Delta flight declares emergency after crew reports ‘vibration’ on board
A Delta flight, bound for Paris, was diverted to Boston Thursday night following a mechanical snag that reportedly left passengers frightened, according to one of the travellers on board.

Delta Air Lines flight 148, which originated in Las Vegas, landed safely at Logan International Airport just before 9:30 p.m., after crew members “reported a vibration and declared an emergency,” according to a statement provided to Fox News by the FAA.

Local Boston outlet WHDH reported that a passenger also suffered a medical emergency on-board; Delta, however, did not disclose whether this was the case.

“We apologize to our customers on Flight DL148 from Las Vegas to Paris Charles de Gaulle, which has diverted to Boston due to a mechanical issue,” the airline shared in a statement to WHDH on Thursday evening.

The airline ferried another plane to Boston to take passengers the rest of the way to Paris. The aircraft is scheduled to arrive at Charles de Gaulle at approximately 2:45 p.m. on Jan. 10.

In its full statement, Delta did not confirm the cause of the “mechanical issue,” although a passenger aboard the plane reported hearing an unusually “loud noise” before the emergency was declared.

“On my way home from CES. All of a sudden a loud noise in the plane. Confusion. People panicking. In the end an emergency landing in Boston,” wrote journalist Jona Källgren on Twitter.

Källgren added that, as he understood it, the issue had something to do with a busted “air-conditioning pipe,” but added that he was still a bit unclear.


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