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Dhoni has done this amazing feat 24 times, that's why he is said to be the star finisher

The history of cricket is full of great batsmen batting but there is also a batsman who will always be remembered for his great batting at the end of the match. The one who lost the match on his own batting turned the match into victory. Hence, he is also called the best match finisher.

No matter how much pressure is there, but when it comes to the field, the rain of its squares and sixes starts. Every ball coming out of its bat looks desperate to touch every part of the field. It is named among the most trusted batsmen to fist a match. And this batsman is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni, known as Captain Cool.

These amazing acts have been done 24 times-

For your information, let us know that Dhoni has finished the match by hitting 24 sixes so far. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has hit a six off the last ball in ODIs 13 times. 9 of which he has done such an act while chasing the target. Whereas 8 times he has finished the match with sixes in T20, in which he has done so by chasing the target three times.

Dhoni has done this amazing feat 24 times, that's why he is said to be the star finisher
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At the same time, Dhoni has finished the innings in Test cricket three times with sixes, out of which he has done this while trailing the target. The special thing among all these things is that whenever Dhoni's bat has been hit for the last ball of 24 matches, India has won 22 of them. Which is a world record.

Take a look at these achievements of Dhoni-

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  • Dhoni is third in terms of making the most players from behind the wicket. Dhoni has taken 780 players in 499 matches. Next to them are Africa's Mark Boucher (998) and Adam Gilchrist (905).
  • Dhoni is the first captain who has won the three biggest ICC events. These include big events like World Cup (2011), T20 World Cup 2007 and Champions Trophy (2013).
  • Dhoni is the only Indian player to score the most sixes in ODI cricket. He has so far scored a total of 217 sixes.
  • The bat with which Dhoni played the victory shot against Sri Lanka in the final of the World Cup 2011. The bat was sold for 72 lakh rupees.
  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the first cricketer from Jharkhand to emerge from Bihar as a new state and got a place in the Indian team.
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  • Dhoni scored his first century in ODI and Test career against Pakistan.
  • Dhoni made his maiden Test century in Faisalabad, Pakistan in January 2006. It was also the fastest century in Test played by any Indian wicketkeeper.
  • It was under Dhoni's captaincy that the Indian team set an Indian record for the most runs scored in an innings of Test cricket. In India tour of Sri Lanka in 2009, Team India scored 726 runs for 9 wickets.
  • Under Dhoni's captaincy, India defeated Australia in Test cricket on 21 October 2008 by a huge margin of 320 runs. It is also India's biggest win in terms of runs in Tests.
  • In June 2007, while playing for Asia XI, Dhoni shared 218 runs for the sixth wicket against Sri Lanka's Mahila Jayawardene against Africa, a world record. Both also scored centuries in this partnership.

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