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Good news, now there is no need to do a recharge of 35 rupees, read now

Good news, now there is no need to do a recharge of 35 rupees, read now

Due to Jio, all telecom companies are facing significant losses. To compensate for this loss, all telecom companies have implemented the rule of minimum recharge of ₹35. Thereby, the customers are facing many problems.


Good news for those who use 2 SIM cards by linking to Xiao 

Yes, if you are tired of recharging all ₹ 35 then there is good news for you, as per the new plan, you will not have to recharge 35,65 and 95 as the new rule of telecom now linking only to live Recharge only on the number will connect your second SIM automatic. From which you can take the pleasure of the same validity in that SIM, in the other SIM.


For this, you have to link the number of your unique SIM to your live number and you can avail of this plan. Now you can take advantage of unlimited income calls without validity. This will not require customers to port their special SIM card into another number.

Xiao has taken out a new way of looking at the problems of the customers, so that you only need to recharge only one number. After which you have to connect the two SIM cards to each other. After doing this, you can avail unlimited calls and internet benefits.

Friends, if you have been troubled by the Recharge of ₹ 35, then please tell us by comment and if you use Jio SIM card, then definitely click on the Like button and follow button.

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We don't understand what you want to say!!??

4 Months ago


how can we link our number ?? pliz explain in detail

4 Months ago


भाई अंग्रेजी की ऐसी तैसी मत करो । क्या लिखा है, क्या कहना चाहते हो कुछ पल्ले नहीं पड़ा ।

4 Months ago

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