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How long to wait between one pregnancy and another? Let's know about it

Over the course of nine months, pregnancy entails major changes in a woman's body, and after delivery it is understandable that she needs a period of recovery. What can lead Du life : how long you should wait between pregnancy and another?

Some parents decide to have two children in a row so that the little ones have little age difference and a possible closer coexistence.

However, before deciding on another pregnancy, it takes some time not to endanger the health of the mother.

How long to wait between one pregnancy and another? Let's know about it
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With natural childbirth

Many women fear natural childbirth as it is quite painful. However, it is an excellent way to give birth, as recovery is much faster than caesarean section.

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According to the US Department of Women's Health , it's best to wait a year , 12 months or a little longer to get pregnant again after a natural birth.

With cesarean section

When delivery occurs by caesarean section, recovery takes a little longer. Although it is a very common and safe intervention, it is still a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is essential to allow adequate time before conceiving again.

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The March of Dimes organization suggests waiting 18 to 24 months (ie one and a half to two years) to get pregnant again after undergoing a caesarean section .

Staying graphical life soon after birth may have several consequences for the health of women, such as:

Higher chance of having a premature birth

Possibility of ruptured uterus

Higher probability of mother suffering from postpartum depression

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