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Images that Say Truths about Today's Life...

Some images has the ability to describe situations where words fail to express. Every people understand the meaning hidden in such pictures.

I am bringing you some meaningful image in these posts. Lets walk through them and try to understand the meaning behind the images.

  • These image is a perfect metaphor of people who are throwing their garbage to other people's territory. In the context of social media now days this image fits perfectly.
Images that Say Truths about Today's Life...
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  • The good old days have long gone when people used to help one another in the time of danger. There are only a handful people left who actually help others. The remaining just laugh at them.
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  • Two kids having different upbringing; one in a rich background and the other in poor. The image says that happiness does not necessarily depends upon how wealthy you are.
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  • The burial of books. Eventually technology has won the war and books are dead.
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  • People tend to follow the easy way though the way needn't take them to their destiny.
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  • Some people are working hard to chase his dream and some are wasting time.
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  • The reality of today's education.
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