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Kerala Mosque Hosts Wedding Of A Hindu Couple, Serves Food To 4000 Guests

Instances of Hindu-Muslim harmony and love for each other come to light in blissful incidents time and again. Such stories not only send a message of communal harmony but also establish the fact that both the communities have been living with unity despite the differences for decades.

Once such instance from Cheravally, Kerala has been hitting headlines recently. 24-year-old Anju Ashokan lost her father a few years back. Due to a lack of resources, her mother, Bindu reached out to the town’s mosque to seek help in her daughter’s wedding, reports TOI.

“She came to my house seeking help for conducting the marriage. She gave a letter, which I presented to the Jamaath committee. We decided to help the family conduct the marriage,” Nujumudeen Alummoottil, secretary of Cheravally Muslim Jamaath Committee told The Hindu.

Kerala Mosque Hosts Wedding Of A Hindu Couple, Serves Food To 4000 Guests
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“When I shared the application with the committee members, all of them came forward unanimously to arrange all the facilities for the wedding,” he added.

Accordingly, arrangements for the wedding were made at the mosque premises. The couple tied the knot following Hindu rituals in the presence of friends and family.

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The mosque also served ‘Sadya’ a vegetarian feast for all the guests and relatives attending the wedding. Gold and valuables worth Rs 2 lakh were also gifted to the bride by the Jamaath committee. “They arranged a mouthwatering feast with two types of payassam for 4000 people. Over 250 seats were arranged for the people to watch the wedding,” Nujumudeen said.

Calling it an example of unity, Chief Minister of the state Pinarayi Vijayan, shared a picture of the couple performing wedding rituals.

The heartwarming incident has impressed the Desi Twitter. People can’t stop praising the couple and the mosque for their inspiring move.

Presently, our country truly needs such inspiring examples of communal harmony and Hindu-Muslim unity. Such instances make the world a better place to live.

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